Yasamin Shahhosseini

Yasamin Shahhosseini is an Iranian oud player aspiring to redefine the cultural and stylistic possibilities of her instrument, and the Iranian tradition more broadly. She performs extensively in Iran and other countries such as USA, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, Greece, Cyprus, South Africa, Iraq, Tunisia, Qatar and participates in festivals and music residencies all around the world. She is a member of many traditional music groups such as Paliz, Avaye Tehran, Ahoora Daad, Tehran New Orchestra and Meta X (both conducted by Alireza Mashayekhi) Paliz, Oud Trio, Persian Quartet, Derang.

Yasamin graduated from the Tehran Music School, and continued her studies in traditional Iranian music at Tehran University. Since 2014 she has taught oud at the Tehran Music School, as well as in many workshops internationally. She has also established a music research group named Pouyesh, which is active in writing and publishing articles about Persian traditional music. She is also experienced in composition and electronic music.

In 2015 Yasamin released her first solo album, Gahan, a collection of improvisations in traditional Persian modes, and she has contributed to several other albums, including Daykato (Ali Najafpour, 2018), Ayyaran (Ahman Pejman, 2016) Salnameh (Mohammadreza Fayyaz, 2017), 3Ouds (Shahram Gholami / 2016), Solook (Nafise Gholampour, 2017), Nobang (Various composers, 2016), A Journey to the Light (Hamid Behroozinia / 2013) Khayyam and Minimalbum (Pouria Shivafard, 2014).