Kamilya Jubran

Kamilya Jubran grew up in Al Rameh – a Palestinian village situated in Galilée. Raised by her music loving parents, she was introduced and initiated to classical Arabic music , and particularly by her father Elias Jubran – a music teacher and an instrument maker. She moved to Jerusalem aged 18, where she studied at the Hebrew University, and simultaneously explored a new musical pathway by joining Sabreen, a group based in East Jerusalem. She recorded four albums with Sabreen, and toured in many local as well as international towns and cities. They founded a small association that focussed many of its cultural activities on raising the awareness to the importance of music and music education in Palestine; they also founded their own recording studio that allowed them to produce their own music, and music by other local artists. These two very rich and intensive decades of constant work with the group urged her to deepen her music research and consequently to shape and reshape her musical identity.

Since 2002 Kamilya has lived in Europe, where she created her first “solo” show “Mahattaat” at the end of the same year in Bern- Switzerland, also collaborating Werner Hasler, Sarah Murcia and Michael Spar. She has published seven albums. Since October 2014 she has been Artistic Director of Zamkana, which supports and accompanies original innovative artistic projects, respecting the values of freedom of expression and secularism. In 2018 Zamkana developed and produced the Sodassi project with a group of six young singers and musicians from the Near East. Sodassi performed in 5 venues in France in addition to one venue in Basel-Switzerland.

Kamilya searches for an original musical expression using her voice and her instrument the Oud, and explores new spaces and horizons for sounds and words through the various projects she realises. She lives and works in Paris.