A creative introduction to Hindustani music

During this intense 3-session course, participants will gain an overview of Hindustani traditions, including the geographical and historical context, different forms, schools and styles, instruments, relevant musicians, scholars and figures. With this background, we will zoom into in-depth details to play and understand some of the most relevant concepts and characteristics of the North Indian classical music tradition, such as Raag (melodic structure), Taal (rhythmic structure), Thaat and Raag classification, stylistic ornaments, structure of a performance.

Students will learn through guided exercises and practice sessions, but also study some theoretical and analytical perspectives, giving them a solid understanding of how to be creative in the context of Hindustani traditions. By the end of the course, students will have a compact, intense and firm grasp of the most relevant aspects of the Hindustani Classical Music tradition and a clear understanding of how a performance in this musical tradition is presented and developed.

The course is open to all instrumentalists and singers.

Timing: 3 x 2-hour sessions, 8, 10 and 12 February 2021 17.00-19.00 GMT.