Beyond the score: bringing Dastgah music to life

When we want to play repertoire from Makam/Dastgah traditions, a quick look at published scores reveals that they can offer us only a fraction of the information we need. Meanwhile, the numerous richly developed recordings of pieces give us a strong sense of the numerous practical and aesthetic matters we need to consider before we can really play them. Often there are very practical challenges, such as adaptations of pieces from one instrument to another, which is a process requiring listening, comparison and experimentation. There are also the fundamental pleasures of shaping dynamics, articulation and ornamentation – along with the creative journey to be made of finding one’s own personal interpretation.

This 3-session course will focus in detail on three different pieces of Persian Dastgah music. Rather than relying on the scores, we will base our work mainly on recordings. Through listening, playing and discussion, we will discover their most salient interpretative elements, that way making a journey through the important features of Dastgah music.

Timing: 3 x 2-hour meetings, 5, 8, 12 April, 15:00 BST.
Price: £72 (registration extended to 4 April!)