Mentoring workshop for musical creators

In this 4-session workshop, Music Boat partners with Kamilya Jubran (Zamkana Association) to create a time for musicians to share, and receive support with, their current work in progress. Participants are invited to open up their ‘private spaces’ by presenting an example of their current project in words and in music. They will be challenged in positive ways and invited to answer questions. They will have the opportunity to share the difficulties or problems they are facing. Musicians will listen to one another, make contributions, discuss, offer constructive criticism. Depending on the level of participants, music exercises may be suggested.

This workshop is a direct response to some of the struggles musicians are experiencing in this periodduring the pandemic. We hope that the creation of this shared space, and communicating about our creative aspirations, may help us overcome a sense of isolation, and being lost with our creative work.

If you are creating music and have a project that is ready to share, this workshop could be for you. Please get in touch.

Please play the video of the Sodassi Project, another series by Kamilya Jubran, for an indication of how stimulating such workshops can be.