Taster workshop in collaborative sonic art

In this course Rachel Beckles Willson draws on traditions of sound art that have been emerging since the 1950s while responding creatively to the difficulties – and opportunities – brought about by Covid. Participants will explore and develop new ways of making sound art as a collaborative group online, working with experimental (and user-friendly) technology created for this purpose.

The session will be divided into presentation of existing sound art and its most important concepts, some experiments with sound provided by participants, and some work together on shaping these sounds and linking them together.

Lockdowns have led many of us have become more aware of how sound and silence shape our lives. We have also been obliged to spend less time making music together. Would you like to make music with the things around you? With the sounds you hear? Perhaps you don’t consider yourself a ‘musician’, but you like sounds, and how they make you feel, or what they make you think about. Perhaps you would like to combine them with other art forms? Or perhaps you are a musician who would like to learn about music without instruments, without notation, and without repertoire you have to reproduce.

The course is open to anyone, and will serve as a seedbed for an extended project in 2021.

Timing: 1 x 3-hour workshop, 28 November 2020, 15.00-18.00 GMT.