Voice and Expression in Middle Eastern Music and Song

In these sessions, Merit Ariane will focus on voice and expression within music and languages potentially (but not necessarily) unfamiliar to our ears, throats and tongues. We will explore repertoire from ancient Andalusia, to modern day Egypt, and the myriad interconnections between the Middle East and the Mediterranean. We will look at musical style, language, nuances of vocal expression, ornamentation and colour and how to reach the emotional/ecstatic core of the music through understanding the microtonal modal system (maqam) and rhythmic patterns (iqa’). The emphasis is on developing our own relationship with our voice and a deeply personal expression.

We will work in a fun, relaxed and collaborative environment. The course is open to everyone.

Timing: 3 x 2-hour sessions, 22, 24 and 26 February 17.00-19.00 GMT.
Registrations open through 22 February!


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