Flamenco rhythms and percussion

This is a hands-on taster course introducing the flamenco rhythms (Buleria, Seguirias, Solea, Tangos, Alegria etc) on the cajón. ‘Cajón’ (pronounced ca-hon) means drawer or box in Spanish. It originates from Peru where it is used in folk music styles such as Festejo. Legend has it that the African slaves in Peru started playing their grooves on the fishing and packing boxes where they worked when slave-owners banned their African drums. The Peruvian cajón then found its way to the loving hands of Paco De Luciai, who developed the guitar string system to create a more snarey sound.

Pax is a jazz/world music percussionist and music teacher. He holds a BMus in World Music performance from the Malmo Academy of Music, and a MMus in World Music and pedagogy from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and a Graduate diploma in jazz performance from St. Andrews University Scotland.

Pax has played with various world music, jazz and pop groups. He is currently undertaking a PhD in World Music.