Aura Rascon

Flutist, composer and interdisciplinary artist, Aura Rascón has been the first musician of Mexican origin to specialize professionally in the Bansuri (the bamboo flute of India). Nowadays, with a trajectory of more than 15 years as an international performer of this instrument, Aura performs regularly as a soloist of Hindustani Classical Music (music from northern India) in Europe, India and Mexico mainly, and has also traveled extensively as a flute accompanist of his guru, the acclaimed master of the Indian bamboo flute par excellence: Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, accompanying him in his concerts and tours in the United States, Europe, India, Mexico and Brazil in concerts where he was accompanied by some of the greatest Tabla maestros of today such as: Ust. Zakir Hussain, Pt. Shubankar Baneerjee, Pt. Anindo Chaterjee among others, performing in some of the most prestigious theaters and venues around the world.

Aura encountered India at an early age, at 17 winning a scholarship to live and study at the prestigious United World College in India, Mahindra College, being the representative of Mexico in the pioneer generation of this newest branch of the renowned international schools of humanist character chaired at the time by Nelson Mandela ( Since then her artistic trajectory has developed internationally to include tours in several cities of Mexico, Argentina, United States, a large part of Europe and the Far East Asia (India and Indonesia) with activities that vary from concerts as a soloist, as an accompanist of her Bansuri master Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia or as a member and/or artistic leader of various cross-over projects, in collaboration with musicians from different music traditions, in presentations at some of the most prestigious venues and music festivals in the world (Festival Musicas de Mundo de Sines, Portugal, Sziget Festival Hungary, Boom Festival, Portugal, Sigi Sacred Arts Festival, Indonesia, among others); interviews and presentations for radio and television on several occasions in Argentina, The Netherlands and Mexico; to recordings for albums and documentaries either for personal projects or as a guest artist; teaching workshops, lectures and master classes in various national and international institutions in Mexico, Argentina, France, Indonesia, the Netherlands; as well as interdisciplinary performances at various street theater and scenic musical theater companies in The Netherlands and beyond.